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monica varela campaign

this campaign won one ADDY award

monica varela

magnetic dominican jewelry

brief: create a multi-platform ad campaign. 

roles: art director, graphic designer, concept creator, editor.

campaign created in collaboration with Elianna Fllorentino.

the campaign

Our campaign aims to elevate brand awareness by showcasing Mónica Varela's exquisite jewellery and extending its recognition to a global audience. To achieve this, we're planning a captivating photoshoot that features unique and creative imagery, with a central focus on our stunning jewellery pieces. Embracing the essence of the Caribbean, the campaign will artfully portray the rich cultural heritage that serves as the foundation of our brand.

jewelry runway show

The campaign features a jewelry runway show at the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden in Miami, Florida. The runway aligns with the campaign's aesthetic, exuding tropical and luxury vibes that reflect the brand's essence. During the runway show, models will be adorned in all-black outfits to ensure the jewelry takes center stage. They will elegantly walk on water, creating a truly fancy and sophisticated atmosphere.

With these strategic initiatives in the United States, we aim to enhance brand recognition and unlock new market opportunities. Simultaneously, our events in Mexico City and the Dominican Republic will further amplify our brand's presence, solidifying its position in markets where it is already established.

invitation to the pop-up store

Invitations will be sent out to influencers with a piece of jewellery they could wear to the event.

pop-up stores


Flyers will be distributed to visitors at the pop-up stores, offering them the opportunity to learn more about the brand.

print ads


social media

instagram reel

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