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abuelita brand

abuelita bakery & coffee

brief: create a brand and adapt it for it to be in three places around the world (no US), explain how the brand adapts and what is different in each place.

roles: creator, art director, graphic designer, concept creator, strategist, editor.

abuelita bakery & coffee is a friends and family coffee shop based in mexico. it is dedicated to provide customers the best high-quality drinks and fresh pastries everyday in a family environment.


our mission is to be more than just a coffee shop; it is about celebrating our emotions, freedom and the habit of treating yourself. we are a warm and inviting haven where love, tradition, and community converge. 


community, tradition, freedom, quality, sustainability, respect, love, health and well-being, local support. 

target audience

males and females in a wide age group of 20 to 60 years. students, professionals and employees. 

the story

started in puebla, mexico by silvia tenorio, "abuelita" has always been a beloved gathering spot for people. the owner of abuelita is abuela silvia, a kind and warm-hearted woman who has lived in puebla for decades. she has a deep passion for baking and has always loved making delicious desserts. what makes her desserts special is that they are inspired by her beloved grandchildren. abuela silvia has six grandchildren, each with their own unique personalities and favorite flavors. she opened abuelita when her first grandchildren was born in 1989. 

abuelita is not just about the coffee and bakery; it is about the love and warmth abuela silvia poures into every cup and every bite. her grandchildren's inspirations were shared with the entire community, and soon, people from neighboring towns began to visit. it was as if the love between a grandmother and her grandchildren had been baked into every pastry, creating a sense of home for anyone who entered abuelita. 

abuelita has become not just a coffee shop but a symbol of love, tradition, and the enduring connection between generations. now abuelita bakery & café has several stores around mexico and latin america. this winter it is opening its first store in the uk and in japan. 



abuelita: panel sans
coffee & bakery: azbuka w01 condensed 



the packaging for abuelita bakery & coffee in mexico is going to be using the brand’s color palette for the country and also some illustrations of different types of coffee and matcha. some things are in spanish and some basic things in english since almost all the target audience understands english in mexico. 


Copia de oversized hoodie mockup abuelita.png
tote abuelita 2.png
tote abuelita.png
mexican tumbler abuelita.png
Copia de cap mockup abuelita.png

the merchandise in abuelita bakery and coffee will be the same in each franchise, with some variations. there will be one special product that will be sold only in the place where the store is. in this case, for mexico, the special merch to be sold is a tumbler, along with the usual goods. 


a pack of stickers will be included in every merchandise and packaged coffee or matcha order. there are some design variations depending on the location.

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